Board Meeting Notes – August 13

Present: Etel, Moyra, Anna, Laura Jean, Kimi, Kelly

Budget/ Discussion (Anna)

  • review budget vs. actual
  • 14K in bank: how much to spend vs. keep as cushion?
  • Green Team will keep extra money that they have (savings account)
  • $44K budget approved in April
    • b/c of fundraising successes, we could spend up to almost $53K
    • can increase fundraising goals
    • program:
    • increase budget for Art & Wine (more automated online auction)
    • PayPal expenses for Cada Familia
    • outreach – often spent on food, babysitting for PTSA events
      • possibly stipend for people to do simultaneous translation
      • add in communications expenses
      • -playground support (top priority from parent survey)
  • Moyra: MLA has hired P.E. teacher, Tim Marshall (from Bridges Academy). for him to do the playground, he needs to add a day of time. Willing to do it (reinforcing activities from class). 15K is one day (salary and benefits) – would be similar to what Coach Joe did (also possibility of junior coach program)
  • Change “Yosemite Trip” to “8th grade trip(s)”

Vote to accept proposed changes to budget: unanimous


  • make sure people comfortable w/ amount of responsibility they have
  • new board members: Kelly -> Laura Jean
  • Jose (Kimi) – Membership, Recruitment (volunteer orientation)
  • Kimi will focus on TK to 3
  • Etel will focus on 4 to 8 — hoping to find ways of reaching out to youth (motivational speakers, mentoring, etc.)


  • How do we make sure to include good news in our communications?
  • announcements of what’s going on (connected to money being spent)
  • e.g. when chorus sings, remind them … money from
  • make sure no one burns out too much (limited roles)
  • people do need to speak up if they need help

Welcome Day

  • T-shirts are ready
  • Jose will be there to table, volunteer survey, PTSA membership
  • make up a membership form – (main thing, don’t not sign up for )
  • classroom assignments will be posted
  • music — Kimi
  • food: potluck
  • cashbox, credit cards (Anna)
  • tables – different committees (Green Team, Cada Familia (fundraiser)
  • decorations (a couple balloons/ table)


PTSA volunteers Wed./ Thurs./ Fri.
Etel: Wednesday,
LJ: 11-1, Thursday

Back to school supplies

  • parents asking about supplies
  • think ahead
  • Donation from Oracle – 500 backpacks and school supplies – to pass out at registration (want photo op)

Teacher bios for e-bulletin (by Back-to-School Night) – photos?

  • email form: 3 questions
  • make Google survey (go to Nommi)
  • — Nommi and Etel will run with it

Parent Handbook

  • In process – new info about discipline


Aug. 22: Welcome Day
Aug. 24: first day of school.
Late August: first Cada Familia drive
Sept 3rd: volunteer training.
Early Sept: Green Team workday
Late Sept: Movie night.
Early Oct: Clothing/Toy Swap
Late Oct: Dance-a-thon (and carnival?) — Oct 31
2nd Thursday SSC
Board meetings 2 weeks before general meeting – Tuesdays – Sept. 22nd @ 6:30
PTSA meetings – every other first Thursday (Oct 1, Dec, Feb, Apr)
Social 5:30-6, 6-7 business

Oct 20th Parent/ Community Education about Building a Racial Justice Community @ MLA – Allison Briscoe-Smith

Etel and Moyra will do calendar