Whether it’s a birthday gift, a plane ticket, or anything in between, be sure to start all of your online shopping here. No cards to register, no sites to sign up for, just start here each time you shop!

Each time you shop on Amazon.com, enter here:

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Impact Shopping

Impact Shopping has hundreds of stores, including Macy’s, Sears, Best Buy, OfficeMax/Office Depot, Walmart and Target. Five percent commissions go to MLA for all purchases that qualify for a commission.

Note: for Amazon, please see above!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start at this website: impactshopping.com/MLA
  2. Search for a specific store, or search for a product you want to buy
  3. Click onto the store/product and shop like you normally would. It’s that easy!

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Helping MLA is easy with eScrip! There are two ways to use eScrip. Start with registering on eScrip (it’s free), here. Then you can shop via the eScrip “Mall” on the eScrip site with participating vendors such as Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, the Apple Store, etc. (see full list here), AND you can earn donations to MLA by registering your participating grocery and shopping loyalty, debit and credit cards with eScrip and eScrip will donate money to MLA every time you shop using these cards!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your participating grocery/shopping loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the eScrip program and add Melrose Leadership Academy as the “group” who you want to benefit. See a list of participating vendors here such as LuckyFoodMaxx and Save Mart supermarkets, Lunardi’s and Draeger’s (various Bay Area locations), Piedmont Grocery (in Oakland), Diablo Foods (in Lafayette), El Rancho, Diablo Foods (in Lafayette): http://escrip.com/wheretoearn/merchantsearch.jsp (NOTE: Safeway Club Card stopped participating in eScrip in August, 2015.)
  2. Participating merchants will make contributions to MLA, just by using the cards you have registered whenever you make your purchases with these merchants (as long as you pay with cash or debit card!).
  3. Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see how much you are earning for MLA through your purchases!
  4. PLEASE NOTE – in order for MLA to receive a percent of your purchases, you must pay for them with CASH or a DEBIT card. Credit card transactions do NOT count towards eScrip donations.

How to use eScrip:

  1. Register your credit and debit cards
    MLA receives a portion of purchases made when you shop at other local establishments such as: Piedmont Grocery, Pharmaca, Big-O Tires, Sierra Trading Post and dozens of participating restaurants.
  2. Shop via the escrip Mall
    Because the commission at Impactshopping.com/mla is generally speaking greater than at escrip mall, we would recommend you try impactshopping first, but certainly welcome any commissions from escrip as well!

Target Red Card
Have a Target Red Card? Make sure you designate MLA as the school of your choice! MLA will receive 1% of all purchases made from designated Target Red cards!
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