Green Team Meeting Notes – February 6



Dermatology grant was received for $8000

  • This will fund the shade structure for the play structure
  • DPR might pay for the installation. Meg will rework the request to ask for more $ in return for parent/employee participation
  • Project would need to happen by September

Drops Grant

  • Money is still being held by the state
  • Moyra spoke with Casey at Stop Waste and the money should be released within the next month
  • They will assign and architect and OUSD will assign a project manager
  • The grant will not pay for a school wide comprehensive plan

Idea for funding a comprehensive plan

  • Go fund me/kick starter
  • We have a video that Arne will produce for us (from the last auction)

Green School Yard initiatives run by Sharon Danks – school yard for principles

Work Day Project

Outdoor classroom (see Doug’s design)

  • Custom build a shed to fit into the corner
  • Move 4×8 planter boxes to create a boundary and have space for planting
    (we will start with moving one box to trouble shoot any issues or problems we might me encounter)