Green Team Meeting – October 24


Meg Cosby
Kim W

Meg is a Kinder mom and also is a project manager for construction company, DPR
They have a community involvement program called “Rebuilding Together”


New facilities director for OUSD
Tim White was replaced – new person was hired but we don’t know his name yet

Outdoor classroom

  • Maria, Doug and Kelly met with Moyra to discuss idea for the outdoor classroom
  • Kelly will meet with Maria on Wed, Oct 28 to discuss next steps


  • Ground breaking – summer of 2017
  • 1/3 will be done each summer
  • See conceptual plans

Short term projects / grants

Scrap pods

  • Ro and Kim W are looking into getting training and input to implement this at Melrose
  • Can we use natural elements?

Ongoing concerns: Shade for K-2 play structure area

  • All structures need to be approved by the DSA (Department of State Architecture)
  • Meg might be able to get a shade structure installed, with a possibility of being purchased by DPR 🙂
  • Ro is working with Shade Inc. (do we have the url for Shade Inc?)
    Here is an example of DSA approved shade structures:
  • Meg will write up a proposal for the shade structure and submit to DPR

Projects for Nov 14th Workday

Outdoor classroom

  • Planter boxes, lining filling, fruit trees,
  • Stump rounds unloaded and placed
  • Osh might have sheds for sale

Pollinator garden area

  • Topped off with soil and preparing for planting
  • Test irrigation
  • We need to put in a request to fix irrigation before workday (it may not be done before workday)

Kinder play area
plant boxes

Plant 200 daffodil bulbs (from Keep Oakland Beautiful).
Encircling trees on landscaped areas (Monticello and Fleming banks)?
Some in pollinator area?
Or inside school grounds in planters?
Nommi has the the the bulbs and will bring them


  • Grey has set aside $500 for soil and delivery
  • Soil will be for outdoor classroom, butterfly garden and tree planter boxes
  • Planter boxes need to be lined and cabled
  • Fruit trees? Ro will email out source for fruit trees. Sierra Club also gives our fruit trees but they take a long time
  • Can we get Oyas? (terra-cotta pots that you bury) we can bury in the beds to keep the soil moist
  • Green Gloves program (the compost that is collect from the school goes to Green Gloves comes back to us as compost)

Next meeting – Nov 7

9am – 10am in Maxwell Park
(If rain or heavy drizzle, we will meet in the back room of World Ground Café – 3726 MacArthur Blvd, in the Laurel.)

Plan specifics of work day

Other 2015/16 Workdays

March 5th
May 14th